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The Nation's Largest Trapping Organization

The National Trappers Association is committed to defending and promoting the safe and ethical harvest of furbearing mammals and to the preservation and enhancement of their habitats.
Fifty-one state trapping affiliates make up the core of the national organization representing thousands of fur harvesters from every portion of the country. The National Trappers Association and its members continue to research and encourage the development and usage of the most effective and humane trapping techniques available.
Furbearers, like other managed wildlife species, thrive and are far more diverse today then 100 years ago. The reintroduction of the river otter throughout America’s river systems is just one example of the successful partnership between trappers and wildlife managers.
The National Trappers Association continues to defend our American Heritage and the sound management of all wildlife for the future enjoyment and use by all sportsmen of North America.
We thank all members and organizations for their dedicated support.

NTA Endorses
Furbearers Unlimited & Big Game Forever

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Support Trump Administration Delisting Wolves in the Lower 48

Keeping the wolf on this list is the number one threat to big game populations in the United States. In areas where the wolf is flourishing, moose and elk populations have declined by as much as 90%.We must act now to give wildlife managers the tools needed to preserve big game populations for future generations. Make Your Voice Heard
Trappers in America suffered a fatality when trapping in California was officially banned, effective 2023. Also, current legislation could prevent the sale of fur products in that state as well. Other states are facing a second round of anti-trapping challenges, including New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon and Connecticut to name a few.
Please help the NTA in the fight by making a donation, renewing your membership, or signing up a friend. Each donation of $15 will receive an NTA 60th Pin, NTA Pin, and NTA Keychain.
Donations of $25 will receive an NTA Duffel Bag, while donations of $30 receive an NTA chenille Blanket. Donate $60 to receive all five gifts!
Whether on the trapline or preparing for the coming season, remember to invite a young person along and PLANT THE SEEDS for our future leaders.
NTA Southeast Regional Cancelled
It is with much sadness that we are announcing the cancellation of our Spring Arkansas Convention. We did not reach this decision without much thought and consideration, but realize this is the best thing to do given the current Nationwide crisis. We will be having our 2021 Southeastern Convention at the same fairgrounds in Hot Spring Arkansas on May 7 & 8. Stay safe, and we hope to see you next year in Arkansas

NTA Staff Affected by Governor's Orders

Per the state of Indiana Governor's orders, starting March 25 NTA staff will be working from home until April 8 (unless they extend the stay-at-home order). We all will continue to check our emails daily and continue with the daily mail, posting, and mailing out any merchandise orders. We will have our office phone calls forwarded to Emily, our Membership Secretary.
We can do essential travel, so we will be allowed to travel to the office to pay bills, do month end duties, or anything else that "has" to be done.
Hopefully we will be able to return full time to the office in 2 weeks. We will be sure to keep you all updated. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are blessed with the best members!
The anti-trapping community is sitting in the starting gate waiting for the bell to ring that signals the beginning of bills introducing time for legislations all across the country.
NTA Launches New Fundraiser
Please help the NTA by making a donation, by renewing your membership, or signing up a friend. Every donation of $25 will get a h2go Force Vacuum Bottle and a donation of $35 will get you an Edge Cooler! For every donation of $50 you will get both items! For $40, you can get the 60th Anniversary Belt Buckle and for $90, you will receive all 3 items!
We need the support of every trapper in North America. The future of trapping lies in the hands of you the trapper. Trappers are RESILIENT & RESOURCEFUL. Together we can overcome all obstacles if we pull together.