Conservation Director Report 
November 2018

Mike Sievering

Conservation Director, NTA
291 Elam School House Road
Brent, AL 35034
205-926-4072 (h) 205-340-1183 (c)

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Greetings to all! This last month has been very busy and very productive. I believe that outreach with other organizations is the key to conservation of our natural resources. As a part of said outreach myself and other members of the Alabama Trappers and Predator Control Association (ATPCA) attended the Montgomery Co. Natural Resources Tour in Montgomery, AL. A mini workshop on controlling nuisance animals through trapping was presented with a question and answer session following. A booth was also set up with furs, skulls and trapping literature from the NTA, FBU and the ATPCA. Packets were given out to all youth participants that included NTA coloring and activity books, crayons, pencils and wrist bands. Participants had lots of questions about predator control, laws and the ethics of trapping.

I also did a presentation in Mobile, AL to a group of backyard chicken farmers that were very concerned about how to keep predators from raiding their chicken coops and stealing eggs and destroying their flocks. A very positive discussion about predator management occurred with several of the members of the association signing up for a trapping workshop to be held in December.

Last week we attended the Annual Kidz Outdoors Life Hunt Banquet in McCalla, AL. This is one of my favorite events as it benefits youth that are disabled, have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses or otherwise unable to have the experience of a deer hunt, turkey hunt, to fish or even see an animal in its natural habitat. Furs, skulls, literature and packets decorated the booth. To see the faces of the kids when they could actually touch a red fox fur or try to identify a skull and match it to the fur was priceless. I'm a huge proponent of education. We all have the opportunity to mentor someone, be it youth or adult. Bond with your neighbors and experience one of the most rewarding things in life.