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Back Issues for Sale
American Trapper Back Issues
$3.00 Each
+ $2.00 s/h
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July/Aug 2016
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American Trapper September 2016
Sep/Oct 2016

Sep/Oct 2018

NTA Steel Mug
Silver and blue. Great for traveling.
$15 Each
+ $4.00 s/h
NTA Strong Koozie
Red, white & blue lettering on one side, NTA logo on the other.
$10 Each
+ $3.00 s/h

NTA Skillet
8-inch cast iron skillet complete with the NTA logo on the bottom.
Limited number available. $39.95 Each (shipping & handling included!)

No skillets will be shipped outside the USA!

FREE s/h
NTA Hitch Cover
Paw print with the words 'I'm An American Trapper'

$3.00 Each
+ $4.00 s/h
NTA Ink Pen
Camo and silver design. Can also be used as a stylus. Great for gift giving!
$5.00 Each
+ $1.00 s/h

Nov/Dec 2018

Jan/Feb 2019

Mar/Apr 2019

Magazines shown below remain in stock.
All other issues are sold out.

May/June 2019

Intricately designed, these buckles are numbered from 1 to 400.
If you'd like to request a specific number, please call the NTA office at 1-888-680-8727.
NTA 60th Anniversary Belt Buckle
+ $5 shipping & handling
$30 Each

Jul/Aug 2019

Sep/Oct 2019