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National Trappers Association Preamble
We, the Trappers of North America, prompted by a feeling of profound respect and gratitude toward the many valiant Fur Trappers who have gone before us, whose courageous deeds and exploits will forever embellish the pages of our Nations' early history, and being duly grateful for the rich legacy of wildlife bequeathed by our predecessors, do associate ourselves for the following purposes: To promote sound conservation, legislation and administrative procedures; To save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of the United States; To promote sound environmental education programs; and To promote a continued annual fur harvest using the best tools presently available for that purpose.
For years, animal rights groups succeeded in demonizing trapping and traps as cruel and inhumane.
The National Trappers Association's video, Destroying the Myth, explodes the heart of the anti-trapping strategy by exposing it as false.
This video speaks eloquently for itself to each and every viewer.
Destroying the Myth can be purchased in a variety of formats through our Online Catalog.

If you have a low speed internet connection, you may need to allow the above video to buffer before watching.

New Web Design

As you have noticed, we have a new website design for the NTA.
You will note several major changes that we feel will help trappers across the country stay more informed and better in touch.

Trapper's Calendar - This full size calendar incorporates trapping related events from across the country. If your event is not on our calendar, use the link at the top of the calendar to quickly and easily send us your information.

State and Affiliate Pages - Each state and NTA affiliate now has their own page within the NTA website structure. State members and directors are urged to provide us with information affecting their respective states. These pages should prove especially helpful to state trapper associations who have no website but need their contact information placed online. Access to these pages are from the drop-menu on the left sidebar.

Reports & Documents - The NTA ByLaws, officer reports and more are available for all to view in this section of our website.

Join NTA or Renew Your Membership - This page makes it easy to keep up with your membership. With each membership option, there is an Information Form to complete online. This will help get your membership processed quickly and alleviates NTA having to contact you for additional information.

BMPs - Our BMP page has downloadable versions of all current BMPs. Each can be viewed online or saved to your home computer for further reading.

American Trapper Magazine - See what articles can be read in the newest edition of the American Trapper. Consider writing your own article - our instructions will help you get started. You can also purchase back issues of the American Trapper from this page as well.

NTA Online Shopping - Purchase all your NTA items at our online store. We also have special deals on discounted merchandise available to our online customers.