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NTA Master Trappers Video Collection
Professional trapping instruction from 20 of the top trapping instructors of today. Each video features 10 famous trappers sharing their expertise in an easy-to-understand format.
Whether you live in the north, south, east or west; or trap mink, raccoon, beaver, coyote or bobcat, these skilled and highly recognized trappers have a lot of trapline miles and experiences to share with you. Each DVD is $40 with FREE SHIPPING.
Trappers featured on this video include Slim Pederson, Montana; Chris McAllister, South Dakota; Paul Dobbins, North Carolina; Bob Young, Georgia; Mike Marsyada, Pennsylvania; Gerald Schmitt, Minnesota; Pete Leggett, Maryland; Odon Corr, South Dakota; Carl Jones, Ohio; and J.C. Conner, Ohio. Time is 1 hour, 59 minutes.
NTA Master Trappers Volume I DVD
Trappers featured on this video include Johnny Thorpe, New York; Scott Huber, South Dakota; Neil Beck, Iowa; Ron Leggett, Maryland; Hal Sullivan, Ohio; Art Scott, Ohio; John Graham, Montana; Bob Wendt, Indiana; Russ Carman, Pennsylvania; and Tom Beaudette, Colorado. Time is 1 hour, 59 minutes.
NTA Master Trappers Volume II DVD
Master Trapper Exclusive
This is a condensed version of both Volume I & II. Best of the two mixed into one DVD. Be sure to purchase yours today!
Destroying the Myth Video
For years, animal rights groups have succeeded in demonizing trapping as cruel and inhumane. This new video explodes the heart of the anti-trapping strategy as false. This video has proven to be a successful educational tool, showing trapping as it actually occurs.
Contact us for special educational discounts.

The NTA Trapper's Handbook has been an extremely popular book for novice trappers as well as a text for trapping instructors and students since introduction in 1984.

• Everything you need to identify and know common American furbearers
• Conveniently organized with individual chapters on each species
• Learn to catch furbearers, prepare and market fur pelts

NTA Trapper's Handbook
New Revised Edition
+ $6.00 s/h
The Trapperman Book - Volume II
By the members of For the benefit of the NTA and FTA. Includes: Asa Lenon, Paul Dobbins, Jackie Malone, Rick Phillips, Mark Zagger, Steve Phillips, Rich Kaspar, Steve Wood, John Graham, Bernie Barringer, Scott Phillips, Bob Jameson, Slim Pedersen, James Lord, Phil Brown, Mark June, Scott Huber, Steve Craig, Tracey Truman, Stracey Yancy, Newt Sterling, and Dave Plueger.
$25 Each
+ $6.00 s/h
NTA Cookbook - Recipes From Our Extended Family
A collection of recipes from NTA members, board of directors, executive council and staff. Spiral bound.
$10 Each
+ $5.00 s/h
If NTA Member, Provide Name
+$3.00 s/h
• Most-used text for U.S. trapper education programs
• 240 pages, softbound

Book cost is $18, with NTA members receiving a 45% discount.
The Illusions of Animal Rights by Russ Carman
'Although you may feel, as many people do, that the animal rights movement does not affect you, this "down to earth" look at the new phenomenon called "animal rights" will open your eyes to the fact that no American can continue to "sit on the fence" when it comes to this issue. 160 pages, softbound.
+ $3.00 s/h
$15.00 Each

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NTA Master Trappers Video Collection

Order both Volume I and
Volume II DVDs and save money.
Nearly 4 hours of trapline footage.

Now only $75
2009 NTA 50th Anniversary Demo DVD
The 50th Anniversary National Convention Demo DVD featuring
John Graham, Dirk Shear, Henry Beecher, Tom Parr, Eric Space, Carroll Black, Art Scott and Hal Sullivan.
$9.00 Each
+$3.00 s/h
$10 Each